Purple Goat
Purple Goat

Purple Goat is a unique hybrid cross between Trainwreck and Blueberry Skunk, created by Oregon OMMP growers in the early 2010s. With a mostly sativa growth pattern, Purple Goat produces dense Indica buds of a dark purple hue with a rich palate of sweet grass and spicy herbs.  An early flowerer, Purple Goat will finish its maturation cycle by the fourth week of September outdoors.  When consumed, Purple Goat has a earthy taste with blueberry overtones and provides a feeling of deep relaxation. 

Lineage: Trainwreck mother crossed with a Blueberry Skunk father [Blueberry mother x Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 father].

Uniformity:  Heterogeneous (Many Phenotypes)

Grow Difficulty: Easy

Flowering Days: 56 - 64 Days

Outdoor Finish: Third or Fourth week of September

Average Yield: A high yield of dense hybrid buds.

Average Height: A tall Sativa dominant growth pattern.

Recommendations & Notes: Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation.  Beautiful dark purple coloration develops during flowering.

Leafly Profile: https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/purple-goat

Purple Goat Strain Facts Card.

Purple Goat Strain Facts Card.