Tree of Life X Jesus OG

Our Tree of Life crossed with a Jesus OG male to create the Tree of Life X Jesus OG regular seeds.  We have been calling this one Chuy or "Chewie."  There are a few different phenotypes present, some with a more sativa bud structure and others with a dense hybrid bud structure.  Some plants have a intense lemon smell and others have a lighter fresh herbal smell.  There is even a super dark purple dense hybrid bud sativa growing phenotype in there.  Flowers with lots of red hairs changing color right on time.  Outdoors it will be fully ripe about the third week of September.  

Strain Name: Chuy or "Chewie"

Genotype Lineage:  Tree of Life mother crossed with a Jesus OG (from TGA Seeds) father.

Uniformity:  Heterogeneous (Many Phenotypes)

Grow Difficulty: Easy - Medium.

Flowering Days: 56 - 64 Days

Outdoor Finish: Third week of September.

Average Yield:  A medium to high yield of sativa and sativa hybrid buds.

Average Height: A medium to tall growing sativa dominant growth pattern.

Recommendations & Notes: Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

"A small percentage (<10%) of phenotypes may show some unstable sex traits."