Island Vision

(LBSD X Second Sight)

LBSD X (Tree of Life X Third Eye)

(Lambs Breath X Sour Diesel) X [ (Trainwreck X The Purps) X (Headband X Jack The Ripper) ]

Our LBSD cultivar was open pollinated by four nice Second Sight (Tree of Life X Third Eye) male plants to create the LBSD X Second Sight.  LBSD X Second Sight seeds will grow fairly homogeneously, displaying a Sativa/Indica Hybrid growth structure.  Outdoors the LBSD X Second Sight will fully ripen by the fourth week of September.  

Strain Name: 

Genotype Lineage:  LBSD mother crossed with a Second Sight father.  The Second Sight is a Tree of Life mother crossed with a Third Eye (from West Coast Masters) father.  The Third Eye is a Headband mother crossed with a Jack The Ripper (from TGA Seeds) father. 

Uniformity:  Homogeneous (Fewer Phenotypes)

Grow Difficulty: Easy - Medium.

Flowering Days: 56 - 64 Days

Outdoor Finish: Fourth week of September.

Average Yield:  A medium to high yield of Indica hybrid buds.

Average Height: A medium to tall growing Sativa/Indica dominant growth pattern.

Recommendations & Notes: Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation.