Second Sight F2

(Second Sight X Second Sight)

(Tree of Life X Third Eye) X (Tree of Life X Third Eye)

[ (Trainwreck X The Purps) X (Headband X Jack The Ripper) ] X [ (Trainwreck X The Purps) X (Headband X Jack The Ripper) ]

Our Second Sight cultivar was open pollinated by four nice Second Sight (Tree of Life X Third Eye) male plants to create the Second Sight F2.  Second Sight F2 seeds will grow fairly homogeneously, displaying the classic Sativa Hybrid growth structure of the Tree of Life.  The flowers will grow dense Sativa Hybrid buds that produce a fragrent citrus fruit scent and an ample amount of sticky resin.  Outdoors the Second Sight F2 will fully ripen by the third week of September.  

Strain Name: "Second Sight F2"

Genotype Lineage:  Second Sight mother crossed with a Second Sight father.  The Second Sight is a Tree of Life X Third Eye cross and the Third Eye (from West Coast Masters) is a Headband mother crossed with a Jack The Ripper (from TGA Seeds) father. 

Uniformity:  Homogeneous (Fewer Phenotypes)

Grow Difficulty: Easy - Medium.

Flowering Days: 56 - 64 Days

Outdoor Finish: Third week of September.

Average Yield:  A medium to high yield of Sativa/Indica hybrid buds.

Average Height: A medium to tall growing sativa dominant growth pattern.

Recommendations & Notes: Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation.