Cannabeizein Philosophy

"Two ways to this, Jah-Rastafari or war, I-man choose Rastafari" - Horsemouth from The Rockers

Horsemouth, best ranking drummer in JA.

Horsemouth, best ranking drummer in JA.

"I and I don't deal with violence. I and I is peaceful Rasta man. I don't steal, cheat. I man serve Selassie I continually. No matter what the weak heart say. I and I is like a tree plant by the river of water. Not even the dog that piss against the wall of Babylon shall escape this judgment. All of the youth shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall." - Horsemouth from The Rockers

"In I-Presence I-preme coverage of I-heights love for everyone everywhere it is known that the cooperation of all colors of all people voice the decisions of heights, free everyone, liberate fully everywhere, Now everyone just cooperate with the love of I-heights to survive knowing that in this world war is explosive." - Higher from The Rockers


"We have an bodily integrated absorption system evolved specifically for the compounds found in abundance in the cannabis plant." - Canna Clatch: Altruistic Strain Hunters