Cannabeizein Garden Club's First Meeting

he Cannabeizein Garden Club will hold it's first meeting on Jan. 19th 2017 at 7pm at the NW Cannabis Club in SE Portland. We will meet up in the basement room of the NW Cannabis Club. Join us for an overview of the Cannabeizein method of both indoor and outdoor organic gardening over a season here in Oregon. Followed by a Q & A for any gardening questions. We will provide some light refreshments and will have our homegrown seeds ready to share as well as some smokables. Please bring your own smoking utensils to use (vaporizers can be used inside, actual smoking needs to take place outside on the back patio.) We will be meeting at the NW Cannabis Club located at 1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97202. Their phone number is 503-206-4594. A lifetime "Crow Club" membership costs $20. Daily entry is $5. You are responsible for your own membership and daily entry costs.

There are no membership fees or anything to sign up for to be a part of the Cannabeizein Garden Club. This is a social club were we will foster a positive and helpful spirit among the home growers of the Pacific Northwest.

The main emphasis of the club is to hold a brief presentation (30 mins or so) on a gardening topic and then afterwards have a Q&A period where everyone can get their gardening questions answered. Followed up by a fun social where everyone has the opportunity to meet the other friendly home growers of the Cannabeizein Garden Club.

We are here to help beginning growers acquire the knowledge and genetics to start growing their own Cannabis!

Cannabeizein and the NW Cannabis Classic 2016

Cannabeizein once again decided to compete in the NW Cannabis Classic.  Now in it's second year the event took place alongside Portland's Weed Week and was held at the Leftbank Annex in SE Portland on December 4th, 2016.

We entered our Cannabeizein Tree of Life Bubble Hash rolled into Temple Balls.  Starting with some small buds and trim from our 2015 sungrown harvest, we made an excellent batch of bubble hash using the Panda washer and some (Spicoli approved) round ice cubes.  Leaving it to dry for several weeks we then pressed the hashish using heat and pressure to combine all of the various spectra of hashish together into a full spectrum blend that burns well and satisfies.  

The samples we submitted were each a half gram of hashish.  We also donated 100 Cannabeizein Seed Packs to go in each of the V.I.P. Swag Bags for the event.  So if you were one of those lucky Cannabis enthusiasts who walked away with a bag have fun growing out your seeds!  

 NW Cannabis Classic 2016 Concentrates Score Card

Above is the NW Cannabis Classic 2016 Concentrates Score Card.  Cannabeizein took 3rd Place in the Hashish Category with 994 total points and potency results of 52.5% THC and 0.30% CBD for our Tree of Life Bubble Hash.

Below is the Judges score card for C3, our Tree of Life Bubble Hash.  Judge 4 was the biggest fan and had some good comments: "Dark ball - never seen anything quite like this.  Cuts like fudge.  Way easier to work with than other samples.  Probably my favorite sample of any sort in the box."

 Tree of Life Bubble Hash Judges Score Card
 Bronze Winner for Best Concentrate at the NW Cannabis Classic 2016

Here is our nifty digital trophy for being the Bronze Winner for Best Concentrate at the NW Cannabis Classic 2016!  

The funnest part of the event was checking out the very fun and talented two piece band that kept cranking out tunes all afternoon for the ganja puffing event attendees.  They are two very skilled musicians.  I am working on tracking down their names, but the hippy dude was playing the bass guitar one handed and playing the drum kit at the same time while singing a lot of songs.  The other talented gentleman had a whole early Bob Dylan look going on and is a guitar master skillfully cranking out tune after excellent tune while keeping the keyboard going for the appropriate moments.