The Dunning-Kruger effect and the Oregon Cannabis "Industry."

Yeah well here we are a few years into Oregon Cannabis Legalization and what do we have to show for it?

The state of Oregon has made hundreds of millions of US Dollars collecting taxes specifically from the sale of Cannabis, not to mention all the other taxes it has collected from having thousands of new business form in it’s state.

There is seemingly a “Pot Shop” in every neighborhood in Portland with plenty of advertising from sandwich signs to full billboards in which the shops compete in the “race to the bottom” of weed prices.

The common folk talk about Cannabis more openly and even some farmers are getting in on it growing vast fields of “Hemp.” Though not the type of Hemp that can help us by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, but the type that is farmable with less regulations than “Marijuana” but can still be sold as a “Marijuana” shadow product in the guise of “CBD Flowers” and CBD Oils.

Let’s just stop right there and say well all this stuff they are doing is fine. But is anyone actually trying to grow the best weed ever? Or are they all just trying to market the next new widget and get rich quick? Obviously there are some of all types in this Oregon Cannabis World. Many of whom never thought about “going rec.” or who tried to keep producing for their medical patients until the corrupt influence of the “rec. market” basically gutted the laws that made the OMMP “good” and instead has created a system that has little value to the true Oregon Cannabis Patient.

Why has all this happened? Wasn’t legalization supposed to be the best ever? Why has the State of Oregon refused to address the issue of communal consumption and instead expects persons to consume their legal Cannabis only behind closed doors?

The reason this has all been happening can be partially explained by something psychologists call the “Dunning-Kruger effect.” The basic premise is that people who think they know whats up actually know the least. To the point where it can be dangerous. As you see these same people who are out there tying to wrangle the laws into their favor and get their legal chokehold over The Plant actually are the least experienced people when it comes to growing the best ever Cannabis for real. Because someone who truly understands what it takes to produce premium medicine would not sell themselves short by providing herb to the wrong people for the wrong reimbursements. That being said lets look at the graph.

“Dunning-Kruger Effect Graph.” IFOD – INTERESTING FACTS OF THE DAY. Accessed Oct. 8th, 2018.

So what we have here is a bunch of people who thought they could successfully grow the Weed in Oregon and operate a profitable farm in doing so. What the market is telling us right now is that a lot of inexperienced people are battling it out to see who can produce the cheapest schwag without any real thought to the big picture and the long run.

For those of us who have been tending to the sacred garden for ourselves know that it takes a lot of work, a lot of time and yes some money for supplies to grow Great Ganja and that we don’t really want to consume anything that we didn’t organically grow ourselves, because as a true Cannabis patient we know that there is no herb like homegrown!!!

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